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Many EU funded projects have led to considerable advances in ICT research and the development of innovative technologies.  Despite the commercial potential of many of these project outcomes, these new ideas often fall into the so-called “valley of death”, the gap between knowledge generation and its commercialization. Many potentially exciting and useful new technologies do not make it to commercial reality as  investors miss the opportunity to invest early in these new products or service. 

The central goal of the European Investor Gate project (EIG) is to bring results of European research projects to the market and to make ICT researchers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or first-time entrepreneurs, investor ready. 

The European Investor Gate (EIG) community in EuroQuity is the place to match ICT entrepreneurs and investors.

European Investor Gate is operated by MFG – Medien und Filmgesellshaft Baden-Wuerttemberg – Germany, Media Deals – France, Go Beyond – Malta, Dublin Business Innovation Center – Ireland, Bpifrance and Business Angels Europe – Brussels as an associated partner.

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