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Sweet Santander (Chargée de Projet - Marketing, Communication & Design, Bpifrance - EuroQuity )

Published 3 months ago in the community EIC Ecosystem Partnerships and Co-Investment Support Programme

#StartupPulse - NeuroClues

🚀 Unlock the secrets to a successful EIC Accelerator application process ! 
Embark on a journey with NeuroClues, an outstanding startup that recently took the stage at our EIC & EuroQuity Bpifrance Healthcare Investor Day. 🌐✨ 
Immerse yourself in a special video introduction where neuroClues unveils their groundbreaking story. We can't wait to hear your insights and experiences—let's unite in celebrating the spirit of innovation! 🎥👥 
Catch Antoine Pouppez, one of the co-founders & CEO of NeuroClues*, as he shares the company’s strategy in this exclusive #StartupPulse interview by EuroQuity!  
*NeuroClues, comprised of researchers, doctors, and engineers, is driven by ambition and inspired by science. Their revolutionary eye-tracking innovation aims to disrupt current clinical practices of neurologists, showcasing their unwavering commitment to being trustworthy advocates for transformative healthcare benefits.