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Sweet Santander (Chargée de Projet - Marketing, Communication & Design, Bpifrance - EuroQuity )

Published 2 months ago in the community EIC Ecosystem Partnerships and Co-Investment Support Programme

#StartupPulse - Netris Pharma

🚀 Exploring the Impact of the EIC Accelerator on Innovative Companies! 🌐✨ 
Join the journey with NETRIS Pharma, an exceptional startup that recently captivated the audience at our EIC & EuroQuity Bpifrance Healthcare Investor Day. 
Dive into a video introduction where NETRIS Pharma reveals their story. We're eager to hear your insights and experiences—let's come together in celebrating the spirit of innovation! 🎥👥 
Don't miss the exclusive #StartupPulse interview by EuroQuity featuring Christophe Guichard, the CFO of NETRIS Pharma, as he unveils the company’s strategic vision! 
*NETRIS Pharma, a collaborative effort of researchers, doctors, and experts, is fueled by ambition and guided by science. Their pioneering compound in oncology targets resistance to both chemotherapy and immunotherapy, showcasing an unwavering commitment to transformative advancements in healthcare.