A networking site for growth companies - investors and advisors




EuroQuity is the web service created by Bpifrance in partnership with KfW to put growth companies in contact with development partners and with investors in particular.

The service is available to all types of investor and advisory companies who want to add their profile. The service's advanced functionalities are reserved for companies based in France and Belgium or belonging to a community.

EuroQuity is operated by Bpifrance in France and by Wallonie Entreprendre in Belgium. Its goal is to gradually move into other countries each time a major public operator is available to lead it.

To access the service, you must first complete your user profile, introduce your business and describe your needs.

You can then apply for one or more labels or communities. This recognition will make you more visible and increase your value in the eyes of other EuroQuity users.


EuroQuity leadership


EuroQuity is operated by Bpifrance in France.

Bpifrance is a French public company dedicated to economic development and an essential source of financing for SMEs. Its mission is to support SME innovation and growth during the decisive phases of their development: creation, innovation, growth and company transfer. Bpifrance is supervised by the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

In the Walloon region, EuroQuity is operated by Wallonie Entreprendre.

Wallonie Entreprendre is a limited company of public interest set up by the Walloon Government in 2002. It provides an answer to the financing needs of companies at key times in their existence: creation, innovation, growth, internationalisation and takeover/transfer. Its purpose is to enable entrepreneurs to realise their projects by providing financing solutions suited to their needs.

In the Brussels-Capital Region, EuroQuity is operated by Hub.Brussels.

hub.brussels is the Brussels Business Support Agency. It provides free support for businesses in Brussels, helping them to grow on the international stage and attract foreign investment to Brussels. For all these actors, the Agency provides tailored coaching, networking opportunities, free tools as well as recognised expertise in order to make them more independent, simplify their decision making and succeed in Brussels and beyond.


Service users



You're looking for new partners for growth, particularly investors. Obtaining recommendations from current partners, expressions of interest from other users and belonging to one or several labels will enable you to promote yourself to your future contacts and facilitate your deals.



Professionals, Business Angels and private individuals looking for investment opportunities. EuroQuity provides you with access to significant sourcing qualified by the marketplace (crowdrating) and by company membership in one or more labels. The search engine enables you to easily find companies that meet your criteria. You can also create alerts to stay up to date with new investment opportunities. EuroQuity promotes companies in which you have invested and adds value to your holdings. Finally, a service that helps you find your future co-investors!


Business support

Organisations working in company advisory and support (consultants, incubators, accelerators, competitiveness centres, CCI, etc.) can sign up with EuroQuity.
They can assist companies, be included in their project presentations and recommend them.


Labels & Communities



A label proves company membership in a programme, a selection or a qualifying certification.

Each label brings together the member companies of an accelerator, incubator, competition centre, innovation programme, etc. A community can have one or more labels.

Belonging to a label provides a clear indication of your company's value and potential. Membership is important for the EQ Score calculation, which will highlight the company on EuroQuity.



Communities bring together groups of EuroQuity users, primarily companies, around specific interests or themes.

They enable the companies leading them to provide their members with premium information and special offers and privileges.