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Making media moves: Insights from The Innovator founder (and EIC Scaling Club Council Member) Jennifer Schenker

On the sidelines of the recent Tech Tour Growth 50 event in Paris, we recorded a short but sweet interview with Jennifer Schenker, founder and editor-in-chief of The Innovator, which she describes as a "pan-European publication with global aspirations".

Having covered the European technology sector for 30+ years, the veteran journalist started The Innovator in late 2016 to cover digital transformation and sustainability, educating its readers - mostly senior executives at large corporates and SMEs - on how tech will impact their businesses.

In the podcast interview, Schenker notes that she's always been impressed with Europe's scientific and technological excellence, but frustrated at how little of that gets commercialised and turned into scale-ups, let alone global tech leaders.

Acknowledging the progress that has been made of late by deep tech-focused accelerators and programs, the EU institutions and how universities are starting to work with startups and scale-ups, Schenker posits that the growing funding gap is an enormous issue hampering further growth.

Schenker recently joined the EIC Scaling Club as Council Member to make an active contribution to levelling up the European tech ecosystem(s), and discusses in the interview how media companies can add value to our programme as stakeholder members.