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Led by a consortium formed by Business France and ANIMA, the REA-BRIDGE Africa project aims to participate in the strengthening and development of the African entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem and to bring it closer to the French ecosystem.

The challenge of the project lies in the creation of a harmonious community of entrepreneurship actors forming a network of networks of all sizes - from 3 to 250 entrepreneurs - intervening in various sectors (agriculture, audiovisual, cultural industries...) and linking REAs from South Africa, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Gambia, Ghana, Madagascar, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Central African Republic, Senegal and South Sudan.

The project is developed around 3 axes:

  1. Animation of the "network of networks" and creation of links between the REAs;
  2. Structuring of the REAs and help in sustaining their impact;
  3. Strengthening links with French actors and the diaspora.

This label is intended for :

  • Companies that are members of the REA - African Entrepreneurs' Networks - set up with FSPI funds in the first instance.
  • Companies wishing to find partners on the continent in a second phase.


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