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The Hellenic Association of Chemical Industries (H.A.C.I.) was founded in 1994 at the initiative of the largest chemical companies. It expresses the collective vision of its members - companies of the chemical industry operating in Greece.

Besides consumer products and professional users, the chemical industry supports almost all industry sectors and provides innovative solutions:

  • On issues that concern society, such as climate change, health, environment, energy saving, circular economy, plastics recycling etc.
  • By contributing to employment with quality jobs and well paid jobs.
  • By contributing to the commercial trade balance by exporting of value-added products
  • By placing safe products in the market and complying with the REACH / CLP and all European chemicals legislation requirements.


Since 1994, H.A.C.I has successfully adopted and implemented the RESPONSIBLE CARE initiative for occupational safety and hygiene, environmental and consumer protection during the use of chemical products.

Together with the European chemical industry and in cooperation with the European and national authorities, it seeks in:

  • Giving industrial production the place it deserves, the European Commission has set itself the objective that industrial production should be at least 20% of the GDP of the European Union.
  • Supporting "Smart regulation - smart legislation". With European and national legislation designed to serve the goals of sustainable development without bureaucracy and bracing.
  • Encouraging the introduction of new technologies (nano, decarbonisation, biosciences, digitization, molecular circularity etc.)
  • Supporting an energy policy that balances the climate target and industry's competitiveness on the road to the zero-carbon era. There is a need for a single policy geared to competitiveness and innovation.
  • Reinforcing REACH / CLP in their evolution to be the main legislation on product safety.
  • Creating first-class logistics for the safe and competitive handling of chemicals.
  • Fostering the development of knowledge and skills of people with education and orientation in the digital economy (Industry 4, blockchain etc.) in order to create high quality and well paid jobs.

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