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Atomico’s Angels are selected on a 12 month rolling programme basis, with some angels invited to continue with the programme beyond their first year. Atomico allocates $100,000 to each new angel, with selected angels from previous cohorts receiving a larger amount for their continued participation in the programme.


Angels each have autonomy to partner with any founders they choose. Angels get a share of the upside when the founders they back succeed, in the same way that Atomico would.

If one company takes off, all the angels benefit: in order to promote collaboration, we have allocated some carry per investment to an ‘Angel Pool’, from which all the angels share. In this way, one company’s success benefits all the Atomico Angels as a group, not just the Angel that partnered with that company.


This also means that Angel Programme investments will be at least one stage removed from Atomico’s remit, in some cases two stages removed. Atomico’s angels are partnering with founders who would otherwise have been at least one or two stages removed from the stage we invest at. By investing at a stage we don’t touch, the angels’ independence is assured

It in no way guarantees, or even indicates that they will receive further investment from Atomico. Atomico invests at Series A and these investments will be angel investments, often first money in at the pre-seed stage.


More info : https://atomico.com/insights/the-atomico-angel-programmes-fourth-year

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