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ESIL - Local leaders
This label recognises selected organizations which represent ESIL in their country and develop the seed investment ecosystem
17 Entities
European Investor Gate
Bridging the gap between public research funding and private investment
53 Entities


InvestHorizon is an accelerator programme designed to facilitate the access to Series A funding for selected DEEP TECH companies.
409 Members
ESIL - Early Stage Investing Launchpad
Early Stage Investing Launchpad has the overall objective of developing and boosting the activities for Business Angels through an international capacity building program
389 Members
France Angels
France Angels est la Fédération nationale des Business Angels France Angels agit pour promouvoir les Business Angels dans les domaines économiques, sociaux et juridiques pour faire reconnaître leur utilité, leur effet positif sur l'économie et légitimer leur action.
335 Members