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✨The EIT Community New European Bauhaus has announced a new call for its pioneering Catalyse programme!!!!

🚀Start-ups or scale-ups (from EU and associated countries) driving change in the areas of climate, cities, transport, industry and food are encouraged to apply! 

The call, which has been launched by EIT Climate-KICEIT Food, EIT Manufacturing, and EIT Urban Mobility is looking for start-ups that view social innovation as the key to delivering systems change and new ways of living together. This year will be the programme’s largest-ever cohort with 28 spots available for successful start-ups. 

The winning 28 applicants will receive support services worth a total of €50,000. Within this, they will benefit from unique NEB-specific training, in addition to leadership coaching, business mentoring and access to one of the most prominent innovation communities in Europe.

Deadline: December 4

✍Applicants must demonstrate the social and economic impact of their innovation and how it embodies the three core principles of the NEB: 

🍃Sustainability – achieving climate goals through circularity and biodiversity

🌻Aesthetics – emphasising quality of experience and design beyond functionality

🌌 Inclusion – championing diversity, securing accessibility and improving affordability


📩Who can apply?

Start-ups and scale-ups from the culture and creative sectors and industries are encouraged to apply. Entities that have participated in other activities implemented in the framework of the EIT Community NEB are also encouraged to apply. More specifically, a dedicated slot will be secured for past participants of the Grow NEB programme. As a result, the cohort will be composed of a total of 28 start-ups with 26 being determined through the conventional selection process and two start-ups being selected from applications submitted by participants in the EIT Community’s Grow NEB programme.

📌Eligibility criteria:

      • Registered in a Horizon Europe associated country.
      • Incorporated after 1st January 2019.
      • Have a minimum of EUR 5,000 in revenues in 2023 or EUR 10,000 in investments received, or participated in Grow NEB programme.
      • Technology or Business Readiness Levels (TRL/BRL) of at least 4 or participated in Grow NEB programme.
      • Agree to sign Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) before the programme start date, if your application is successful.
      • Guarantee the participation of at least one of the founders in the programme.

👉 Click here for more information!