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You know when you think about which start-ups will succeed and the impact of climate change? How will you measure their likelihood for success and guarantee a return while reducing climate impacts?


I’m here to provide a novel, PhD based approach to measure the start-ups future fitness, improve their success rate and create interventions for climate change.


Introducing WhatTheForesight, the ultimate tool for determining the critical success factors that will make your organization future fit. Using sentiment analysis, swarm intelligence and AI-powered technology, our platform identifies the 25 key factors necessary for creating a resilient organization based on PhD research and 200 years of executive experience.

Our software provides a comprehensive diagnostic of your organization's strengths and weaknesses in areas such as strategy, business models, operations, and hiring. Our gap analysis feature identifies top performers and talent churn, and when overlaid with performance metrics, it provides a clear overview of your organization's culture and future readiness.


WhatTheForesight is not just for large organizations; we offer our software for free to small businesses (less than 10 employees) to help thrive in today's fast-paced world. As our data pool expands, we provide more accurate and insightful predictions about the future, including sectorial and country analysis to determine level and speed of disruption. This enables investors to allocate risk and make more informed decisions about their investments.

Our software offers a pre-indicator for stock market movement, helping organizations make future-fit decisions better suited to the speed of the market. With WhatTheForesight, you have access to a "financial beta" to allocate discounts and premiums for investments and provides valuable competitive analysis allowing you to quantify the future!

With the world warming at unprecedented rates, organisations need to do more to prepare for climate change and sustainability. For the first time, leveraging the “wisdom of the wise crowd,” we can determine the impact of climate change per industry and every organisation (that uses WTF): a mitigation strategy. By comparing and analysing interventions, industry wide initiatives could address and bring awareness to the direct impact for various sectors. Further, decentralising best practices would reduce climate change’s impact by creating a singular metric


Further, adding qualitative data and conducting longitudinal surveys and tracking, WTF can predict and surface black swans (and specific climate change anomalies: green swans) before they manifest as disruptors for organisations and industries.  This novel approach presents a ground breaking approach that can be valued, democratised and implemented to be scaled across entire industries mitigating climate disasters

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