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You no longer need programming skills to build digital products. 

The recent wave of no-code platforms has democratised software development for a lot of people. However, software product teams themselves have thus far not seen adoption of no-code tools. Despite a huge shortage of digital talents worldwide, customer-facing software is still designed and built "from scratch" or "by hand". 

The reason for this is simple, software teams don't want to be locked into "one size fits all" no-code platforms, they already use a bunch of different (superior) tools (e.g. coding editors, Figma, Adobe XD, etc.).

Weave.ly is the first no-code platform for software product teams

In essence, weave.ly generates full-stack web applications from user interface designs. This drastically increases the productivity of software product teams. Our platform directly integrates with the tools used by software designers (e.g. Figma) and generates source code which can then  be re-used by developers.

At the time of writing we’ve seen 500+ users on the platform, around 60 of which are monthly active. We’ve seen cases built on the platform amongst others by companies such as Pàu and Immoscoop.


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