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Established as a Societée Européenne (SE) in 2020, TERDESOL introduces a patented waste processing solution engineered for optimal Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) recycling. Capable of processing up to 97% of MSW, TERDESOL is a fully automated, modular system that is 100% energy-self-sufficient, scalable and adaptable to different sites and waste compositions.

The core principle of the technology is intelligent resource extraction and recycling, ensuring consistent quality and tradability of all derived raw materials and their reuse in various industries such as foundry, glass manufacturing, construction and others. We give the highest priority to the production of storable energy sources, in particular refuse-derived fuels, including high-calorific pellets, oil and syngas.

Adhering to the EU Landfill Directive (Council Directive 1999/31/EC), TERDESOL’s goals and operations are synchronized with the EU's vision of progressively eliminating landfilling in the subsequent decade.

Why choose TERDESOL over traditional incinerators?

Incinerators face significant challenges, including high capital investment requirements and complex regulatory approval processes. Dependent on a stable and continuous inflow of waste, most incinerator facilities incur losses when operating below 80% of their designed capacity. Given the expected reduction in waste availability on the waste market in the long term, incinerators are likely to experience significant financial setbacks. Their economic impact will inevitably be felt by citizens who are the end users of the energy produced, resulting in increased costs.

While incineration systems can struggle to adjust to seasonal fluctuations in energy demand, TERDESOL provides a modern solution by producing high-energy pellets on a continuous basis throughout the year. These are stored in special silos for extended periods to enable efficient use in heating systems according to demand, particularly during the heating season. These pellets are up to 100% more energy efficient than traditional coal.

Over the next decade, the energy production industry will experience a significant transformation due to rising emission permit costs, leading to increased operational expenses. As a result, heating plants will be obliged to switch from coal to other types of fuel sources. By choosing TERDESOL pellets, heating plants can avoid the expensive transition to natural gas, saving end-users from higher costs and allowing existing equipment to operate effectively. The cost of modernization and boiler maintenance is minimal.

TERDESOL facilities are located directly on landfills, which means they do not require extensive environmental impact assessments (EIAs). In-situ recycling takes advantage of existing logistics infrastructure, ensuring a reliable supply of municipal solid waste from trusted MSW providers. In the event of a waste shortage, TERDESOL retrieves waste previously stored in landfills and blends it with new waste in a proportion determined by the age of the waste materials. By integrating both old and new waste, the available material for energy conversion can be tripled. This reduces the ecological impact of existing landfills while also providing energy independence to the local community.

As a result, landfills are transformed into reliable energy sources for municipalities.

In contrast to conventional incinerators that burn all waste and damage the reuse potential of recyclable materials, TERDESOL identifies and preserves these valuable resources. The TERDESOL output is wide-ranging. It includes electricity, heat, high-calorific pellets, and valuable commodities and materials, including oil, biochar, metals, glass, fertilisers, and construction aggregates.

TERDESOL offers a versatile solution to the issues of waste management, delivering cost-effectiveness, sustainable energy generation, environmental accountability, and advantages for local communities. Our goal is to alter the perception of waste, allowing for a modern, cutting-edge waste management approach that supports the EU's greenhouse goals and Circular Economy principles without exerting financial burdens on municipal budgets.

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