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Soleo-EcoSolutions  Company  develops biocontrol solutions based on natural substances.

Our value proposition   is focus on our long experience of pest control without   any consequences for environment, health and Biodiversity. It is an environmental friendly solution.

Our first target looks at the "leaf cutting" ants localised in South America   and Caribbean island. Our solution is based on the studies and result of the team of Professor Philippe Mora, from the French Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences. The subject is currently under a patent application process from the SATT IDFINNOV. A test in field (natural condition) has already validated the solution’s effectiveness against the manioc ants in Guadeloupe.

 In the medium term, our solution will be extended to control other insects like fungus-growing Termites in Africa and Asia.

 Soleo-EcoSolutions is awarded as Winner of the Young Green Tech Green Shoots initiative, which will allow to develop a strong collaboration and partnership with the French National Environmental Ministry.

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