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Shoushin Tekkousho Co., Ltd.

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Our founder�s philosophy was that Monozukuri craftsmanship is all about crafting people. We keep technology and peace of mind in view in our machining to manufacture products with the goal of being in the top rank for equipment, environment, and human resources. Our company possesses state-of-the-art equipment, such as simultaneous five-axis processing machines, composite five-axis processing machines, and machining centers. We have confidence in the machining technologies we have accumulated since our foundation. We are also confident about our measurement technologies using general-purpose measuring instruments, coordinate measuring machines, and projectors. Our new factory maintains a constant temperature of 20�2.5 �C throughout the year, and we have taken vibration-proofing measures against machine tool and crane vibrations. We process aircraft parts, nuclear power plant parts, and resin precision molds at this facility.

Our company aims to be a top-rank machining manufacturer in terms of our equipment, environment, and human resources.

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