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The business scope of our company is software development, technology development, technology consultation and technology transfer in the field of computer technology, footwear products, sports equipment; development, rental and sales of foot scanners and shoe scanners and their application software. SafeSize leverages consumer and shoe data to create a highly personalized and consistent omnichannel sales experience. It offers the solution to the problems that shoe retailers and brands are facing in all types of environments. In the physical stores the 3D foot scanner creates a substitute for the perfect sales assistant, solving the aforementioned issues of brick-and-mortar stores by:

  • following a uniform sales process,
  • capturing valuable consumer information,
  • creating a memorable, data-driven and personalized shopping experience,

leading to high conversion and increased loyalty of consumers.

In the online environment consumers can use their personal SafeSize Foot ID to benefit from a seamless shoe model and size recommendation that significantly increases conversion and lowers product return rates while providing a superior shopping experience.

In addition to that, SafeSize enables shoe retailers to benefit from a true omnichannel solution by connecting the in-store devices with the online environment. Rich consumer profiles generated through SafeSize solutions are used to enhance personalized consumer experience across all channels and empower consumers to buy shoes with confidence anytime, anywhere.

The technology


SafeSize technology offers the most complete footwear omnichannel solution that helps footwear retailers by matching consumers with perfectly fitting shoes. SafeSize technology consists of three main components:

3D foot scanning

Our patented 3D foot scanning technology analyzes the foot anatomy to reconstruct the exact foot shape and detect detailed foot dimensions including length, width, height and girth. 3D foot scanning is available in retail stores through the fastest and most accurate 3D foot scanner on the market. We have also enabled foot scanning online via a mobile scanning app, which can be directly integrated in a retailer’s shopping app. More than 3 million consumers scan their feet with SafeSize every year in store or online.

  1. 3D shoe scanning

SafeSize has developed in-house software and hardware to measure the 3D inner shoe dimensions of any type of footwear available in the market and extract them in a database.


The 3D shoe scanner uses X-ray technology to get a detailed capture of 3D inner shoe dimensions, using a unique solution replicating the natural pressure of a foot in a shoe. The solution works with all types of footwear and guarantees the highest fitting accuracy. The shoes are also assessed on their functional characteristics (e.g., stability, cushioning, etc.) in order to provide correct shoe model recommendations for each foot type. Furthermore, personal preferences and habits of a user, especially for sports shoes, are included in the assessment.

With over 1.5 million shoes 3D scanned and added to the shoe database every year, SafeSize has the world’s largest database of shoe 3D inner dimensions. This is a unique competitive advantage in the global market as no other competitor has the technology and operational capability to have these data available.

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