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We are developing a new international quality fast food chain around three innovations:

1. Product innovation: The real Club Sandwich, as good as at the palace but at the same price as a chain burger, with savory and sweet recipes,

2. Technological innovation: Use of reception and work robots to interact with customers and prepare their delicious Club Sandwiches in front of them,

3. Social innovation: Benefit society, thanks to the productivity gains achieved by robots, allow our employees to work less for the same salary. We believe that the responsible and social use of new technologies such as robotics is essential for a fairer development of society.

With our Benefit Society, we make that choice and give consumers back the real power they have in the face of change. Our technology is approved thanks to the realization of a functional prototype that we successfully presented and which generated a lot of enthusiasm at the last Horeca Expo in Ghent (RTBF interviews, L'Avenir, BXL Direct, Morning Market, MATELE) . We are to open a first pilot concept store in Brussels at the end of 2022, followed by many others in major European cities!


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