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Packtin is an Italian innovative start-up, established in May 2017 as a spin-off from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and focused on circular economy. Our team has a strong scientific background in food technology, microbiology and R&D in extraction processes. After years of academic R&D on green chemistry and edible packaging, we decided to start Packtin, to transfer our research findings into lucrative industrial scale. Main goal of Packtin is exploitation of economic potential of food waste and by-products, converting them into innovative and environmentally friendly products. We will recover food by-products from food processing industry (orange, apple and tomato peels, spent sugar beetroots, etc.) and, through our own prototyped extraction system, separate them into fibres and bioactive compounds that can be used for many applications in various industries. Especially, we will focus on turning obtained extracts into natural coatings and films for food preservation and safety. We will use this food waste productively through the first extraction system capable of valorising 100% of stabilized food waste turning something with “minimal” value into high-value natural extracts. We will be able to produce a variety of high-value commercial solutions (natural food and cosmetics ingredients, gelling agents, edible fresh-food coatings,etc.) for many different target markets (food, cosmetics, textile industries, etc.)  across the world

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