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MPT PAY - Digital banking solution for B2B A single financial ecosystem of banking services for companies, regardless of the country of registration of the business and location of owners. Opening bank accounts for residents and non- residents of the Euro Union built on a unique MPT Pay pre- compliance system. A direct connection to SEPA, SWIFT, a built financial ecosystem for companies.

Our project is built on a "network effect" based on a unit economy with the main indicators Cost of Customer Acquisition + LTV (Life time value) + Payback Period. We managed to find our own "flywheel" of the business model and we continue to make fundamental changes in the financial world.

We develop marketing models to increase the number of business connections, preliminary compliance procedure (to increase the speed of company verification and open a bank account), develop DEPP (Dynamic Escrow Payment Protocol), work on the technology of generating a QR code for payments inside streaming.


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