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   "MELISSOKOMIKI HELLAS" was founded by Mr. Ntoulias Konstantinos in 1987 as a private company trading in beekeeping products and products with parallel activity in the packaging of natural honey and the production of candles from natural beeswax, starting dynamically, with a showroom shop in the New Market in the center of Karditsa. Since the establishment of the company, Mr. Ntoulias, who is knowledgeable in the field, as well as a producer himself (EL 41/111), has taken care with continuous improvement and application of modern production and packaging methods to make local honey accessible to the wider Thessalian public, bringing the pure and natural as produced by bees from the hive to the home. The company soon added to its activities, the manufacture and sale of natural wax items, knowing huge commercial success nationwide.

   Today the company has two branches in the town of Karditsa and a privately owned building of 350 sq.m. in Loutro Karditsa, where the production unit with the following activities is housed:

  • - Processing and standardization of pure natural honey
  • - Production of natural wax
  • - Production of natural wax wax candles
  • - Production of handmade decorations with natural wax
  • - Production of bee food

   At the same time, the company operates its original store in the center of Karditsa city as a point of sale of its beekeeping products, in a constantly upward course, where the consolidation of the company is not only focused on the local area of Karditsa, but is drastically expanding to the region of Thessaly and all of Greece.


  With participation in the LEADER and OPAX investment programs, MELISSOKOMIKI HELLAS has been certified with ISO 22000, having all the appropriate equipment for the packaging and standardization of honey and other honey-based products, continues to offer quality and safe products, selecting raw materials with strict quality criteria, testing them organoleptically and laboratory in the company's quality control laboratory, in order to fully meet the specifications of the Greek and European Food and Beverage Code.


   The company cooperates with the Department of Beekeeping of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Technological Educational Institute of Food Technology of the University of Thessaly, in matters of information and has active participation in innovative research on the application of bee products.

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