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Lancey Energy Storage provides a plug and play space heater integrating a lithium battery. The patented architecture provides a direct bill economy, storing electricity when it’s cheap and consuming it when the user need it most. Easy to install, compatible with demand-response policies, giving full control via a dedicated app and allowing important energy savings, the space heater by Lancey Energy Storage is the smartest way to store energy. The space heater developed by Lancey Energy Storage is plug&play and its installation is 75% less expensive than a gas heating system. It's also elegant and, thanks to its integrated battery, leads to up to 50% bill decrease for the customer.
In 2020, with a forecast turnover of € 40 millions, a network of 80,000 space heaters installed, with a total battery storage capacity of 80 MWh, Lancey Energy Storage aims to become a key player in the electricity sector.

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