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Komio (founded in 2021 by 3 partners) aims at reinforcing loyalty between brands and consumers. We believe that loyalty can be a mutually beneficial relationship. And that spending €1 on loyalty pays off more than repeated conversion.


With 100k€ of self-funding, we developed an alpha version of a mobile app, the Media Companion. And we’ve got a first client: RMB, the RTBf media sales house. We are currently screening together their clients’ planned campaigns to place our app as an advertising format.


The Media Companion is indeed a new advertising format. Our app engage customers in never-ending marketing campaigns.  In one place, consumers can interact "live" with their favourite brands, play, discover new contents, meet people nearby and earn prizes.


But there’s more. Our story-based app is intended to create a link between scattered advertising formats (digital tv, papers, banners…) and content from media and brands. It furthermore increases efficiency and measurement of marketing campaigns.


We are now looking for a 250k€ seed for the the next 18th months in order to consolidate our app, validate it on the market (including selling it to other media agencies, brands and content producers), enrich the content and start growing.

Recherche clients media ou annonceur (marque) désireux d'améliorer l'engagement client de leur audiences

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