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Based on a multiskilled team led by a scientist who is a referent in the electroacoustic and vibration fields, DIDSON will commercialize the first « active noise control » solution allowing to live windows wide open without suffering from the external noise.

Only alternative to confining, this technology permitted by a disruptive innovation fights against urban & traffic noise pollution, by reflecting incoming noise waves entering by the openings: windows and airing systems. By offering a unique gain of 30 decibels, i.e. 30 times less of noise, it brings an answer to the public health issue due to noise pollution which impacts 40% of the Europeans. Urban Europeans, while rediscovering the pleasure to live, sleep and work in contact with the external air, will live in sane buildings and preserved by a natural ventilation.

Our solution, which relies on 20 years of research, is designed to be integrated to closing and protection systems with a reliable business model and a positive environmental impact. It is addressed to construction and renovation markets, whose it brings an efficient answer to normative thermal and acoustical constraints in application in the EU. It also permits to add value to buildings and to consider establishment in sites until then devalued.

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