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Dialybrid aims at developing and commercializing novel arteriovenous vascular grafts for hemodialysis, based on the proprietary innovative technology named Silkothane®, a hybrid material combining silk fibroin and polyurethane.

Dialybrid was born in August 2020 from the strategic-financial partnership between LIFTT, the investment operating company founded by Fondazione Compagnia Di San Paolo and Politecnico di Torino, and Bioengineering Laboratories S.r.l. (“BEL”), a medical device company controlled by the Delta Med group and its founder Francesco Greco. Dialybrid harvests the ten-years’ experience of BEL in research and development concerning advanced, bio-hybrid materials for novel medical devices. The newborn company features an agile and flexible organizational chart, counting on BEL’s expertise as regards technical and regulatory matters, as well as on LIFTT for project management and further fund raising.

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