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Did you know that 90% of worldwide trade is carried by the shipping industry? And that pollution from ships is damaging our environment and aggravating human health, leading to the deaths of over four million people per year? Daphne Technology has a solution to remove pollution from vessels. As a cleantech company, we have developed a pollution conversion innovation, that upcycles pollutants into useful products. This brings financial benefits and enables shipowners to comply with various regulations, while keeping Clean Seas and Clean Air.

At Daphne, we’ve developed a purification process to convert unwanted pollutants in exhaust gas into non-hazardous and useful products.

The secret behind this conversion process is our award-winning and patented converter, which is composed of our electron chamber that is driven by our own advanced power electronics. We take innovations from state-of-the-art electronics to transfer electrical energy into chemical energy that drives the pollutant conversion. We do not magically make these pollutants disappear; we do not transfer these pollutants from the air to the sea. We convert pollutants present in exhaust into non-hazardous forms, which can be upcycled for further use. For example, we transform NOx and SOx pollutants into valuable fertilizer. Our complete cleaning system is plug-and-play, does not produce any waste, and it is a dry system. We allow shipowners to operate with the cheapest fuel oil whilst maintaining compliance.



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