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Catsalyze is a young start-up company based in Nancy, Lorraine, France. Our team consists of two full-time employees, three associated researchers who provide scientific advice, and four members on our advisory board.

Our company is the result of a technology transfer project between the University of Lorraine, CNRS and INSERM, and we have spent two years maturing our technology with a patent filing through SATT SAYENS. We were then incubated at the Incubateur Lorrain and set up in the Biopole of the University of Lorraine.


Our mission is to revolutionize the production of chemical molecules using cell-free enzymatic catalysis. We aim to reduce the environmental impact, improve safety, reduce costs, and improve quality without by-products, while also having the ability to produce complex compounds with precise control of synthesis.


To achieve this, we have developed a revolutionary Enzyme Scaffolding Technology that uses the natural decameric shape of some peroxiredoxin (PRX) to create a new innovative tool to scaffold proteins, enzymes around a protein ring. This technology offers improved stabilization, catalytic efficiency, production and solubilization, enzymatic cascade reactions, and recyclability and immobilization.


Our ambition is to become a global leader in the production of biosourced and enzymatically produced chemical molecules. We plan to use sugar, glycerol, CO2 via enzymatic cascade biorefinery with Catsalyze technology to obtain biobased platform chemicals, biofuel (SAF), green chemical compounds, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Our first step is the valorization of glycerol to acetoin, a flavor agent with very high application potential (precursor of SAF compounds). We aim to produce green chemical compounds with very low water consumption, and almost without CO2 emissions or energy consumption, at competitive prices.


Our team may be small, but we are highly skilled and dedicated to achieving our goals. The two full-time employees are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, while the associated researchers provide valuable scientific advice. Our advisory board consists of four experienced professionals who provide strategic guidance and support to help us grow and succeed. We are committed to working together to make Catsalyze a leader in the production of sustainable and eco-friendly chemical molecules.


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