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Simple and fast chemical analysis.


AtomTrace applies LIBS (Laser-Induced Plasma Spectroscopy) technology in its products. LIBS technology offers a multi-elemental analysis of the majority of elements from the periodic table, including low atomic weight elements. In a matter of seconds, it can analyse samples of all states without any special preparation, whether solids, liquids, or gaseous.


AtomTrace’s solutions with LIBS technology allows: 

1 / Fast multi-elemental (qualitative and quantitative) material analysis

2 / 2D chemical mapping with high resolution for visualization of surface heterogeneity

3 / Depth profiling of multilayer materials for analysis of thin layers


The range of applications for our products is relatively wide, including research conducted at universities and R&D centers or material quality control in various industries (eg mining, metallurgy, automotive, food, or pharmaceutical industries) where elemental analysis of materials is required.


AtomTrace is a European vendor of products for chemical and qualitative analysis of materials using LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) technology.

Our goal is to design and sell products based on LIBS technology for a wide range of industries and to make the technology more user-friendly and affordable.




Modular LIBS solution for laboratories (including vacuum interaction chamber  - the only on the market)



Mobile and durable LIBS solution



Digital Delay Generator for precise time synchronization


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