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Asystom delivers a turnkey, comprehensive, universal, and stand-alone predictive maintenance solution for industrial equipment.
Born in 2016, Asystom focuses on the development of solutions combining sensors and embedded intelligence to prevent breakdowns of industrial equipment.
Key features:

  • The only multi sensor that provides Ultrasound, Vibration and Temperature
  • This gives the customer the earliest alert of a problem (up to 12 weeks in advance).
  • The longest battery life - up to 10 years using standard AA (and can be changed in situ), so no need for expensive wiring.
  • Our sensors are glued using a special 3M product that gives an incredibly firm fix in just a few minutes.
  • Our sensors run across LoRa which means they can be located at a distance of up to 1 km from the LoRa gateway
  • Our sensors use AI to process the data at the Edge and then can easily be incorporated into a company's existing corporate database/systems. All data is owned by the customer
  • Our dashboards are intuitive, providing probable root cause of an anomaly. Expert views are also provided for deeper analysis.

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