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ESIL - Early Stage Investing Launchpad

Early Stage Investing Launchpad has the overall objective of developing and boosting the activities for Business Angels through an international capacity building program
Brussel, Belgium
438 members
Last update April 2, 2021

Community description

ESIL (Early stage investing Launchpad) is promoted by the EU DIRECTORATE-GENERAL FOR RESEARCH & INNOVATION to develop awareness-raising and capacity-building for business angels and other early-stage investors.

The ESIL community on EuroQuity aims to gather invidual investors, Business Angels, Business Angels Networks, Federation of Business Angels, crowdfunding platforms and early stage VCs.


ESIL is operated by Meta Group and EuroQuity on behalf of the European Commission.

Learn more about this project at


Support services

The ESIL community members will access to a dedicated set of added value services, including:

  • open days country by country to facilitate collaboration, relationships with policy makers and syndication,
  • webinars, reverse pitches and online conferences dedicated to experience sharing between BAs and eptiches to increase cross-border investments,
  • trainings based on market development stages and level of angel readiness.

Linked certifications

ESIL - Local leaders
This label recognises selected organizations which represent ESIL in their country and develop the seed investment ecosystem
17 members