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Replay InvestHorizon webinar on May 14th - "Financing your idea through series A"


  1. Roger Franklin is Partner at Hadean Ventures, Nordic venture capital firm based in [...]

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E²tech4Cities Pitch session June 20th 2019 - Investisseurs vous avez jusqu'au 14 juin pour vous inscrire

C'est à Bruxelles, le 20 Juin : un événement international dédié à l'efficacité énergétique pour [...]

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SIVAL GROUP, fabricant de pièces de haute technicité et à vocation sécuritaire à base d'alliages légers d'aluminium spéciaux, fournit depuis plus de 40 années à ses clients, grands donneurs d'ordres de l'industrie a&ronautique (Safran, [...]

 Remote Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS) are a vital tool for security relevant applications  In a large number of scenarios the technical, operational and economical advantages of RPAS-based remote sensing are [...]

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Freekar started in Parma in 2014 as innovative PMI with high technological value. is the portal for sharing the vehicles of companies and automotive professionals.

The mobility [...]

Homepulse sells B2B real time energy analytics. Homepulse ‘s solutions provide value added information from IoT and energy metering data.

Homepulse’s information is critical for running smart energy programs and for a better [...]

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