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EUREKA Accelerated

EUREKA Accelerated

Eureka is the world’s leading network for international R&D collaborations, represented in over 45 countries.

It aims to boost the growth of SMEs, large companies, research organisations and universities through funding and supporting international R&D cooperation and providing investment-readiness services

Through Eureka’s programmes, organisations can access funding and expert support. The Eureka label is given to companies who have been financed through Eureka programmes. 


  • All sectors
Brussel, Belgium




Eureka has a network of over 45 national and regional funding bodies who give funding to innovative organisations and offer personalised advice and support.


Eureka’s programmes are based on a “bottom-up” philosophy where organisations can:

  • choose the technological focus of their R&D,
  • create their ideal consortium with partners from any Eureka country (and beyond)
  • and select the programme that best suits their needs.


Eureka’s core programmes are:

  • Eurostars – innovative SMEs lead R&D projects
  • Clusters – join large thematic projects
  • Network projects – flexible and open to any type of R&D project
  • Globalstars – find global partnerships
  • InvestHorizon – investment-readiness services


Since 1985, Eureka has supported the R&D of thousands of ground-breaking commercialised products, processes or services that have positively impacted society.

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