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France Angels

336 Members
Lancement du France Angels Tour 2020

La première étape du France Angels Tour aura lieu à Paris le 26 février prochain !

Venez découvrir l'investissement dans [...]


2174 Members
Lancement du France Angels Tour 2020

La première étape du France Angels Tour aura lieu à Paris le 26 février prochain!

Venez découvrir l'investissement dans [...]

Companies looking for investors

Inteligg is a startup company established in January 2018 with the mission to deliver intelligent, innovative and sustainable solutions for Smart Cities and Communities.
Inteligg develops products, provides services and engages in [...]

Créons ensemble Le Lieu.n du Li(v)re 4.0 !

Quartier Libre vous emmène dans une librairie d’un nouveau genre, une librairie entièrement repensée : un lieu culturel hors du commun, à Bruxelles, capitale de l’Europe.

Au programme [...]

Companies looking for partners

Cell & Gene Therapy will shape the future of medicine, when novel technologies proceed beyond the primary goals of safety and efficacy. Uneconomical manufacturing is an industry challenge and represents a major roadblock to the sustainable [...]

We’re an experienced team of scientists and entrepreneurs innovating in the Biotech space. We have developed the first portable diagnostics biosensor to identify healthcare-associated infections in minutes, enabling accurate diagnosis and [...]

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A certification guarantees that a company belongs to a program, a selection or a qualifying certification.

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Communities bring together groups of EuroQuity users, primarily companies, around specific interests or themes.

They enable the companies leading them to provide their members with premium information and special offers and privileges.

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