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🚀BLOG Start it @KBC #WisdomWednesday: how to get more done without burning out?

BLOG Start it @KBC : Running a startup is a lot of hard work, but [...]


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BlueInvest Grants - Blue Economy Window 2020 Info Day now live! Follow the stream below.

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Le Groupe COSINUS est une holding qui comprends une filiale IDYEE SAS et porte plusieurs marques dont Energie Marketplace et Mon forfait energie. L'objectif de la levée de fonds est de dépasser le stade du prototype existant pour Energie [...]

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KOMPAÏ robotics was founded by Vincent Dupourqué in 2016. 

KOMPAÏ robotics' 1st goal tis to become a worldwide leader in robotic solutions for frail individuals and their caregivers, both professionals and family and friends, [...]

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