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3DB builds new generation of green, low-cost material, high-performance Li-ion cells. Developed by a dozen world expert researchers, 3DB’s cells are capable of delivering high energy, high power, demonstrate fast charging, and high cycling stability

Rehovot, Central, Israel

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3Dbattery Ltd (<>)

3DB  is an Israel-based Lithium-Ion battery technology company which provides improved capacity, flexible structure, and MegaFast charging. The company was established in 2017 to developing cutting-edge technology which will pave the way to electric transportation and wide deployment in energy storage for the grid. 3DB’s SiAnoSep solution unlocks mass adoption of affordable, long-range electric vehicles, and allows battery that can power an electric vehicle with similar performance in terms of range and charging time as a conventional petrol/diesel -powered vehicle.

3DB’s SiAnoSep & SemiSolid Lithium-Ion Battery is a game changer for wide deployment of electric transportation because allows for:  Two-fold energy density (>550 Wh/kg, >1300 Wh/L on a cell level), Ultra-Fast charging (<10 min for full charge), More stable and safer solution.

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