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INVEST'I is a community built to accelerate the fundraising and financing of promising Tunisian start-ups with high potential for internationalization and growth.

It is also a top-notch service for investment funds.

This community is reserved for Tunisian start-ups, and investment funds interested in investing in Tunisian start-ups.
Tunis, Tunisia
155 members
Last update August 2, 2021

Community description

INVEST'I is a community created to accelerate the fundraising and financing of Tunisian start-ups with high potential for internationalization and growth.

It is a service for investment funds with a qualitative approach.

The goal of this project is to promote the Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem and to facilitate its connection with the international ecosystems in order to showcase its dynamism and potential.

INVEST'I is a project funded by the European Union through Expertise France as part of the Innov'i-EU4Innovation project and carried by TunisianStartups.

INVEST'I aims to bring together startups, SMEs, investment structures, and support structures through EuroQuity platform in order to encourage exchange to create value.

Support services

Joining INVEST'I community allows its members to access opportunities and benefit from several support services:

* Our services for startups:

- Access to an active network of investors and potential business partners,

- Participation in e-pitch sessions.

- Benefit from the "Investment Readiness" program aiming to support and train selected start-ups before pitch sessions.

- Personalized follow-up and technical assistance to optimize the start-up's profile on EuroQuity through frequent One on One touchpoints.

- Participation in technical webinars and key events.

- Access to a network of experts.

* Our services for investors

- Access to a pool of pre-selected start-ups with a high potential for growth and internationalization.

- Participation in e-pitch sessions.

- Access to a qualified deal-flow: We connect investors with start-ups corresponding to their target.

- Connection with co-investors.

- Visibility on companies seeking fundraising and access to a network of like-minded people and organizations on an international scale.

* Our services for support structures

- Benefit from a keyspace to promote their activities.

- Boost their e-reputation.

We organize e-pitch sessions every two months.

Next session: March, 26th, 2021.

Interested? Contact Aziza Inoubli or