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Andrii Karpiuk (Start Up Ceo, BIOsens )

Published 3 years ago on the BIOsens organization's page

BIOsens is ready for investment

I am proud to share that we have emerged as a TOP 100 Global startup of SLINGSHOT 2020, after battling with more than 7,500 global startups.

And at the end of the year, BIOsens was in the FoodTech TOP-500 world’s first list of the global entrepreneurial talent between food, technology and sustainability!

This year we strengthened the team with + 5 people (CTO - grate manager which has experience working with more that 40 Tech startups - Denis Galamaga, 2 electronics Engineers (Senior, Middle, June), 1 Chemical Analytics - Roman Palonko, 1 Mechanical Engineer Arsen Starostin), receive PCT patent registration in EU & 2 patents in Ukraine+15 customers interested.

Last month we lost the grant deal with European Commission of 1M EUR grant support, we were very close (from more than 4200 startups they selected 142 & we were in that number, after they financed half of them, and we were not).

So, we actively started fundraising in January of the seed round (1,3M eur). We already have a commitment of 15% of it. If you have any advice I would be happy to have a quick call.

BIOsens is ready for investments

Best regards,

Andrii Karpiuk, BIOsens